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Your well-being is at the heart of my practice, and I understand that life can be busy and unpredictable. That's why I offer flexible scheduling options designed to meet your needs. I value your time and understand that finding a suitable appointment time is crucial for your comfort and success in therapy.

Your journey to healing and self-discovery should fit seamlessly into your life, and I'm here to make that possible.



I specialize in PTSD and trauma recovery, and bring with me extensive training and experience to guide you along your healing journey. Whether big or small, trauma can affect the nervous system so that we feel states of heightened anxiety and emotional/physiological overwhelm, as well as times of detachment or disconnection. We begin by practicing strategies for coping with day-to-day symptoms, to help you feel grounded and resourced. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR) is an evidence-based approach I also often use to help people resolve past trauma. It facilitates activation of the brain’s inherent healing system to process and integrate information that has been previously “stuck” during trauma. EMDR therapy reduces the emotional and physical “charge” that traumatic memories trigger, so that these memories will have less control over your life in moving forward.  Click here to learn more about how EMDR therapy works

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Histories of oppression and having to survive within invalidating environments, greatly impact our health and wellness. Racism, sexism, transphobia, heterosexism, ableism, and other forms of identity-based discrimination, also cause symptoms of anxiety, depression, trauma, and exhaustion. Oppressive systems tell you that your struggles are a “you” problem, leading self-blame and overly pathologizing self-talk. As a feminist psychologist, I seek to reframe that narrative with you, and explore the ways in which your social identities and experiences of oppression affect your mental health. I’m here to help you externalize previously internalized negative beliefs about yourself, and empower you to take up more space in directing your own life. You deserve healing from having to accommodate to spaces that were not designed for you. I want you to feel more confident in your voice and connected to your power.  

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Times of transition and adjustment often make us reflect on our evolving identities and values. I love supporting clients in therapy who are navigating identity transitions and finding their place in the world. A lot of people find that living an authentic life aligned with their values tends to lead to increased well-being. Navigating life as a student, recent graduate, your twenties, post break-up, coming out, or after big life changes, can be overwhelming and confusing. I’m here to help sort this out, and find ways to feel more clarity, connection, direction, and fulfillment in your life. Having previously worked in university counseling centers, I have a lot of experience working with twenty somethings in therapy and am especially aware of the unique pressures and elevated anxieties facing young adults today. You don’t have to do this alone. Therapy can help you look at the big picture, and embrace your constantly evolving identities.

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Do you struggle with Perfectionism? People-pleasing? Feeling not good enough? Codependency? Or attachment anxiety in your romantic relationships? I work with a lot of folks who struggle with these relationship styles, and find that they are often connected to one’s upbringing. If you were emotionally neglected or had to be the responsible one when you were a child, you figured out ways to adapt, to get your needs met and maintain these important relationships with your caregivers. Sometimes these adaptations become ingrained in how we relate to romantic partners or friends, and could be part of what’s keeping you stuck today. If you’re finding yourself feeling dissatisfied in your adult relationships, therapy can help you better understand what’s going on, notice which styles or beliefs are no longer necessary, and try out more effective ways of getting your needs met today. I draw from attachment theories, internal family systems, and interpersonal process therapies in my approach to helping you feel more secure in your relationships, to assert your needs, and set healthy boundaries where they could be beneficial.

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EMDR Therapy

Your well-being and personal growth are my top priorities. Together, we'll embark on a therapeutic journey that is uniquely tailored to you, allowing you to find the support, healing, and empowerment you deserve.


  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Identity and values exploration

  • College & graduate student mental health

  • Adjustment

  • Life transitions

  • Panic

  • Self-esteem

  • Grief and loss

  • Intimate partner violence

  • Sexual assault

  • Abuse history

  • Religious trauma

  • Perfectionism

  • Personal growth

  • Codependency

  • Job stress

  • Gender diversity

  • Racial identity

  • White privilege/fragility

  • Immigration and acculturation stress

  • Women’s issues

  • LGBTQIA+ issues

  • Letters of support for gender affirming medical care

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